Radiant Comfort Panels

What is Radiant Heat? (Radiant vs Conventional Heating)

Preferred by Design Professionals
• Flooring Options: In past radiant heating systems, limitations were placed on what type of flooring could be used. With ThermalStar® Radiant Comfort™, the options are endless, from carpet or hardwood, to ceramic tiles or finished concrete.
Simple Installation for Contractors
• Easy Design: Unlike competing products, ThermalStar® Radiant Comfort™ does not require a professional design for the layout. Simply lay the panels, and trim pieces where necessary to fit into place.
• Insulating Benefits: ThermalStar® Radiant Comfort™ panels are manufactured out of EPS providing not only a molded product to hold the tubing in place, but insulation to keep a building warm, comfortable, and efficient.
• Low Cost: Competing radiant floor panel products can be very expensive, whereas ThermalStar® Radiant Comfort™ are a much better value!