Radiant Comfort Panels


Can you walk on Radiant Comfort™ flooring without damaging the panels?
• Radiant Comfort™ panels are strong enough to support weight during installation, and are properly designed to allow the transfer of wheel barrows without getting caught in the panel grooves.

How do you install the tubing?
• Installing the tubing is very easy. Simply lay the tube down, and walk over it to press the pipe into the panel groove.

How do you cut Radiant Comfort™ flooring?
• A utility knife can be used to cut, score, shape or otherwise customize panels to fit the application.

What type of tubing works best with Radiant Comfort™ flooring?
• All brands work well. Up to 5/8″ for the new construction panels, and 1/2″ tubing for the retrofit panels.

Is Radiant Comfort™ flooring considered a vapor barrier?
•They could be considered a vapor barrier if you were to apply a film to the back and caulk the joints.

What does BTU mean?
• BTU refers to the output of heat.

Can you use a standard water heater to heat the water for tubing?
• Water heaters are not typically used. A dedicated boiler is suggested.

Can the new construction panels with the higher R-value panels be used on retrofit projects?
• No, the new construction panels are designed specifically for under concrete and would raise the floor 2-7/8”. Remodel panels have a higher density and low profile made for retrofit applications.

Are the panels made from Styrofoam?
• No, Styrofoam is a trademark of Dow Chemical Corporation, and is generally blue EXTRUDED polystyrene manufactured with HCFC gasses.

Are the panels more durable than white foam sheets in DIY stores?
• Yes, Radiant Comfort Floor™ flooring is manufactured using shape molded technology, yielding 3 to 5 times the strength of board stock EPS.