Radiant Comfort Panels


Why choose Radiant Comfort™ flooring system?

KHart Panel Marketing LLC proudly sells Radiant Comfort™ panels to building material distributors across the nation! With two different panel options available, Radiant Comfort has a solution for both new construction and retrofit projects!

• Lightweight panels for easy lifting and installation
• Unlike competing products, no professional design or shop drawings are needed for installation
• Only one panel design is needed for the entire installation, eliminating the hassle of using left turn, right turn and straightaway panels
• Panels can easily be cut with a utility knife to fit around protrusions or other design elements

• PEX tubing is easily installed by walking the tube into the groove channels
• The groove channels secure the tubing in place, eliminating the need for staples
• Consistent tube spacing is maintained for even heat distribution

The new construction Radiant Comfort panels interlock for a secure placement and to prevent the concrete from seeping through the joints

• Molded out of energy efficient EPS, providing thermal performance that is stable over time, assuring the R-value meets design requirements over the life of the structure

Radiant Comfort™ provides more value than competing products!